CRCDC - Screening

I had the opportunity to participate in a project for the Cancer Screening Center by creating the artistic direction, illustrations, and animation for a motion design video. The goal was to raise awareness about the importance of getting screened for cancer using a colorful and lively graphic style.

I was in charge of creating the illustrations, animating the graphic elements, and synchronizing the animations with the soundtrack. I made sure the illustrations were consistent with the overall graphic style and effectively conveyed key information.

Thanks to my work, I was able to create a video that convinced people to get screened. The video was very well received by the public and helped raise awareness about the importance of early cancer detection. This project allowed me to put my skills in artistic direction, illustration, and animation into practice and contribute to an important cause. I am proud to have successfully completed this project and hope to have the opportunity to participate in similar projects in the future.


Client : CRCDC Île de France
Studio : Your Comics
Art direction : Emeline Clement
Design : Emeline Clement
Animation : Emeline Clement
Year : 2021