In 2022, I had the apportunity to work as a freelance motion designer on a project for EPiCUR, an European university alliance. In collaboration with the agency Citeasen, I was in charge of creating a presentation video of the alliance and its challenges for the general public and particularly for students from the different universities in the alliance.

I was involved in all stages of the project, from writing the script to art direction and graphic creation. I worked closely with the agency to determine the overall style and aesthetic of the video, and I designed the visual elements that were used for the animation. The animation was done by my usual mate Victor Voltz, who's also a freelance motion designer.

The final result was a presentation video for the EPiCUR alliance that successfully presented its challenges in a clear and engaging way for the general public and students. The alliance team was very pleased with the result and I am convinced that this video will be useful for them to reach their communication goals. This project was an exciting experience for me as a motion designer, and I hope to have the opportunity to work on similar projects in the future.


Client : EPiCUR
Agency : Citeasen
Art direction : Emeline Clement
Design : Emeline Clement
Animation : Victor Voltz
Year : 2022