Hager - Halogens

As a freelance motion designer and art director in 2022, I got to work on an exciting project for Hager in collaboration with the studio Sleak. Hager is a supplier of electrical solutions and installations that commissioned the studio to create a motion design video for consumers. My role in this project was to oversee the art direction and create still frames for the video. The purpose of this video was to raise awareness about the dangers of using halogen gases.

When I began working on this project, I first took the time to understand the issues related to this problem and Hager's objectives. Then I developed a creative concept for the video that would highlight the risks associated with the use of halogen gases while being aesthetically pleasing and engaging for the target audience. I then created the still frames that served as the basis for the animation done by the studio Sleak.

This project was an opportunity for me to put my skills as a motion designer and art director into practice, but also to work on a subject that has a real impact on the safety of consumers and the environment. I am proud of what I accomplished in collaboration with Sleak team and I am eager to continue working on similar projects in the future.


Client : Hager
Studio : Sleak
Art direction : Emeline Clement
Design : Emeline Clement
Animation : David Vonflie
Year : 2022