Saint-Louis - My City

I had the opportunity to put my motion design skills to use for an exciting project for the city of Saint Louis in Alsace. In collaboration with the agency Cup of Zi, I was in charge of creating a series of informative videos on topics such as urbanization, city attractiveness, citizen actions, and ecology.

As the lead of the artistic direction, graphic design and animation, I closely collaborated with the agency to determine the overall style and aesthetics of each video. I also designed visual elements such as illustrations and typography and animated them to bring the videos to life.

The final result was a series of attractive and engaging motion design videos that helped raise awareness among Saint Louis residents about important issues for the city. This project was a thrilling and enriching experience for me as a motion designer, and I hope to have the opportunity to work on similar projects in the future.


Client : City of Saint-Louis
Agency : Cup of Zi
Art direction : Emeline Clement
Design : Emeline Clement
Animation : Emeline Clement
Voice over : Gérald Robert
Sound design : Buddy Audio

Year : 2020