UFC - Comparator

In 2020, I had the opportunity to work as a freelance art director and motion designer for Amopix studio on a video for consumers of the UFC Que Choisir association. The purpose of this video was to raise awareness of the existence of an insurance comparison tool developed by UFC Que Choisir, which allows consumers to compare different mortgage insurance options and save money by choosing the best one.

I was responsible for the art direction and creation of the still frames for this video. My partner, Victor Voltz, was then in charge of animation. We worked closely together to create an effective and engaging video that successfully informed consumers of the existence of this useful comparison tool.

This project was a rewarding experience for me as an art director and motion designer, and I was thrilled to see the results of our work in action. I am proud to include this project in my professional portfolio.


Client : UFC Que Choisir
Studio : Amopix
Art direction : Emeline Clement
Design : Emeline Clement
Animation : Victor Voltz
Year : 2020